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The TV Frame Hype: What You Should Know

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Ever covered a wall devoid of any activity with a colorful and lively painting? If so, do you feel that despite all the colors and energy in the painting, the wall as well as the painting both of which represent a stationary object, lacks the basic notion of movement and dynamic motion? If the dynamics of the space allows it, putting up a television in that place can definitely replace what the area lacks in terms of motion and activity, that is, when it is switched on.

However, what do you think happens as soon as the television is switched off? It becomes an idle piece of machinery; with a boring black screen which adorns your wall without any aesthetic appeal and you find yourself stuck with it, since you simply can’t take out the biggest source of entertainment from your life!

TV's have an over-practical, monotone design. Frames add live to your entertainment system!

The best part is, there is no need any more for you to stick with a monotonous black display of your TV screens or the lifelessness of the paintings which adorn your walls. The latest technological advancement in the design of a television has made it possible to convert your TV into a painting as soon as it switches off, thereby creating a screen which is beautiful to look at, regardless of whether it is switched on or off.

The conversion of a monotonous and boring television screen into a painting which is interesting to look at, is made possible through the introduction of new “frame TVs”, which are meant to look as framed pieces of stationary art, until the TV screens are switched on.

There are various types of frames available in the market, so that you can look into a vast variety and choose the one which suits your purpose. Some of the types are as follows:

Frames With Art Work

These frames transform television screens into paintings and make use of various art works, which can either be from a collection of your personal favorites, or can be chosen from a gallery of amazing collections from around the world, chosen specifically by professional curators. The art work can even include a collection of photographs from your prized moments in life.

Beam Splitter TV Mirrors

In case you are less of a fan of paintings and art work, and would rather prefer looking at something much more substantial, such as yourself, you definitely need a beam splitter TV mirror, hanged within your room. Such television frames make it possible for you to transform your television screen into a mirror, while it is switched off. As soon as the television switches on however, the mirror instantly clears and the HD image of your television screens becomes visible. This TV frame saves you additional space for hanging a mirror, by combining two functions within a single product.

Types of Framing Materials Available

There are various materials to choose from when deciding the kind of frame you need. These include a white, walnut or beige wooden frame.

Before ordering a framed television set for yourself, make sure you research well into the various options available and choose one which suits you best.

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