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The Growth of Smart Home Tech & Why You Should Care

Remember back in the days controlling the appliances of our homes remotely used to be a thing from some futuristic science fiction world? Well, we can safely say that we are living in that future now.

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To put it into perspective smart home technologies got so popular in the past few years that the market value has reached over $35.7 billion USD in 2017 and is estimated to reach $53.45 billion USD by 2022. Using smart home technologies are no longer limited to asking Alexa to play the latest Beyoncé song or setting up an alarm. Nowadays smart technologies are advancing towards things like all in one smart television frames and smart electric grills for the perfect B-B-Q nights.

If you’re still not on board with the smart home technology trends, here are some brand new ones that will hopefully convince you to jump on the bandwagon!

Digital Electric Smoker

We all know how important it is to get the meat just right while cooking it. Also how inconvenient it is to walk to the grill every other second to check if the gill is hot enough, if the meat is being perfectly cooked all the way through, that it’s neither raw nor burnt. The char-broil digital electric smoker with Smartchef technology handles everything and makes grilling an even more enjoyable and fun experience. This device alerts the chef when the grill is pre-heated or the meat is perfectly cooked.

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Harmony Home Hub

Image via Logitech

One of the best home hubs is the one from Logitech. Logitech harmony home hub allows the user to control whatever is playing on the TV, stereo or any other smart entertainment device. It is also capable of controlling devices like lights, thermostats, and other smart home essentials. This hub will video record your home for you when its empty for security purpose. From entertainment to security, the hub will cover it all for you!

→ See it here!

And Soon...TeleFrame!

An all-in-one TV frame that will not only enhance the aesthetics of the actual entertainment center but has all the modern technologies like the high-quality sound system, seamless power supply, and webcam to connect to any other Smart TV for easy chatting – built-inside. TeleFrame is fully customizable and compatible with almost all major TV brands.

→ Coming Soon to IndieGoGo

Smart home devices are here to make our lives easier. More and more devices and apps are being made to connect all devices to a single system that will allow us to have the control of our entire home at the palm of our hands, quite literally.

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