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How Smart TVs Are Changing the Game

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

If you think the television shook the media world decades ago, you haven’t watched the trend. In the world of TVs, smart TVs are the rave, and it is changing how we consume visual media forever.

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What can members do?In such a short amount of time, smart TVs, known initially as connected TVs, has helped connect so many people, not only to their favorite media platforms but also to their friends and the World Wide Web. Smart TVs allow you to stream your videos directly from the internet, using various entertainment applications to access on-demand video-rental services, stream from internet music stations and surf the web using its native browsers.

Remember When...

you used to find it boring staring at the TV screen, so you just whip out your smartphone and start digging into some Netflix or Facebook? Now, you can watch your favorite Youtubers from a big screen, chat with your friends with the smart TV’s virtual keyboard and interactive screen.

So Much Video Quality

With smart TVs, you are getting access to more 4K Ultra HD videos. If you have a streaming service that offers 4K Ultra HD videos, like in Netflix, there is no better way to enjoy this with family than buying a supported smart TV and enjoying the pure beauty. What about games? Of course! Smart TVs are opening up to that market. Right now, most games are casual, but we can see the trajectory. More games are coming to these devices.

It Gets BetterI know you love using the controls on your TV so much.

Just kidding. No one does.

Just imagine having to get up every time you want to change the channel. That was why remote controllers were designed, right? But then, how many times have you lost your remote controllers this past month? Exactly!

With smart TVs, you get the chance to use your natural command tool – your voice. Many smart TVs have voice recognition tools like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, making your smart TV even smarter. We all know voice commands is the way of the future. More and more devices would be controlled by voice. Well, smart TVs are already there.

Gesture Control - Yes, You Can Wave at Your TV and it's Not Weird.

But that is not all. You know how much we enjoy sci-fi movies in which the actor controls devices with their gestures? Great! Smart TVs might just be your portal to that world. Big brands are now adding gesture recognition features to their smart TVs. Comes in particularly handy when your mouth is filled with popcorn…or something else.

Your TV Will Get to Know You Better

Smart TVs are not just smart about the media they allow you to access. They are even smarter with their recommendation engine. Smart TVs are built to get to know you. As your smart TV knows more about your interest and preference, it will start recommending the most likely to be enjoyed videos and shows for you.

Based on how smart they are about you, they will also be able to display advertisements relevant to you. These tailored services mean that you don’t have to endure irrelevant offers or recommendations.

What's Next?

No wonder smart companies like Samsung, LG, and Sony are already making the switch. With the increasing number of people and companies adapting to the ever-changing world smart TV is making possible, it is not a matter of “if”. The question is, “how soon would traditional TVs become obsolete?”

Well, in a digital world of smart consumers with smart interests, with around half of the U.S. households streaming one service or the other, it won’t be so long before smart TVs take over. In fact, it would be the logical thing.

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