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Everything You Need to Know About Smart Home Technology In 3 Minutes Or Less

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

By now, you've probably heard this new buzz word: Smarthome. As we continue to expand into the ever-evolving age of technology, we transform our way of living. Want to learn more? We'll cover all the essentials on smart home technology, its perks, and numerous benefits...all in 3 minutes or less.

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Smart Home Technology: The Basics

Smart home technology is the term we use for the basic home facilities that have been connected with communication technology. The interconnected amenities offer remote control or certain automation to make our home a more secure and well-managed place to live. Yep...that even includes vacuuming robots that would make the Jetsons green with envy.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, smart home technology comes in many shapes and sizes. Choose from:

  • Home entertainment systems

  • Security systems

  • Washing machines

  • Smart fridges (my personal favorite in this list)

  • Air conditioners/heating systems

  • Camera equipped door bells (great for pranking the FedEx guy)

  • Lighting system

  • TeleFrame (in the near future)

  • And plenty more

You can control all the appliances mentioned above with the help of various devices including Nest, Alexa, Ecobee and many more. The devices that grants us such automation typically offer access through the help of software or mobile apps.

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For the Love of Smart Home Technology

Why Smart Home Technology is Growing on People

Who doesn't like to be in control? Convenience is the heart and soul of smart home technology, offering complete control over your home whether in the house or our and about. Here are some other amazing features that are associated with the smart home technology.

Complete Control From Anywhere, Anytime: No matter where you are, smart home accessories offers wireless or automated control. Control the temperature in your house, see who's ringing your doorbell from your phone, check the inside of your fridge to see if you need to pick up milk on the way home, close your blinds...I could go on.

Added Security: Paranoid home owner? Perhaps your live in an area that's been hit with package thieves. Or maybe you're going on an extended vacation. Smart home technology offers the users freedom to keep a close eye on your home no matter where you are. Plus, you can optimize your energy consumption by switching on the lights only at the night.

Automation: If you're like me, maybe you like your house a little cooler when you go to bed, or warmer when you leave the house. Smart tech makes this a breeze with automation, so all you have to do is create your initial preference and timing settings. Because button pushing is so 20th century.

Resale: Bet you didn't think of this one. Having your home integrated with smart home technology can really boost the value of your house, making smart home technology not only convenient, but a wise investment.

Energy Efficient: Most of the smart home technologies come with the knowledge regarding the use of resources and which appliance is consuming more power. So with the help of smart home technology now you will use the tech knowledge and save as much as you can.

We're looking forward to adding TeleFrame to the smart technology arsenal! What is your verdict regarding this technology? Let us know in the comments. And, if you liked our post, don't forget to subscribe to our blog for bi-weekly newsletters on all things TeleFrame, home tech, and gadgets!

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