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For generations we’ve watched fictional characters in sci-fi movies, video chatting with each other. Today is 2019 and we have EVERYTHING we need to bridge fiction and reality. TeleFrame is a dynamic television frame that makes every wall mounted TV look better, sound better, and introduces a smart home product that brings hands-free video chat to whole other level.

After years of research and planning, we’ve developed marketing strategies based on four main revenue streams, supported with current sales stats. We've compiled this information into a free, cohesive download for your convenience. 

  • 148M

    Smart TV units sold in 2016 - and projected to increase every year.

  • 3%

    Selling to a minimum amount of Smart TV buyers (worst-case).

  • $250

    At a minimum retail price point. Can implement add-on features.

  • +$1.1B

    US-based revenue per year. This will increase with global sales.

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